Villagers are Passive Mobs that spawn inside Villages. They drop nothing when killed.

AI Edit

In the morning, Villagers wander around, socializing by facing each other and making sounds. Sometimes, they also accept Poppies from Iron Golems. Baby Villagers run around, as if yhey are playing. And Farmer Villagers harvest and plant crops occasionally. Villagers breed occasionally when there is a few number of Villager left. At night, Villagers run frantically from any hostile Mob as they find shelter. And when 'infected' by Zombies, they turn into Zombie Villagers. Currently, Trading is not possible yet in Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition.


There are different types of Villagers, these are:

  • Farmer- Dressed with Brown Robes
  • Librarian- Dressed with White Robes
  • Priest- Fressed with Purple Robes
  • Butcher- Dressed with Brown Robes with White Apron
  • Blacksmith- Dressed with Brown Robes with Black Apron


  • When Villagers are struck by lightning, they turn into Witches. But disappear when the Difficulty is set to peaceful.
  • Villagers are the only passive Mob that do not need to be fed to breed.